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Why Coaches and Mentors are Turning to CTV to Grow Their Audiences

Until 2022 all was plain sailing – a level playing field. For coaches and mentors of all types, reaching out to their clients and audiences typically meant e-mail, YouTube and possibly podcasts. But now all that’s changed.

As the internet has taken over the lives of a large percentage of the world, with every man and his dog having a YouTube channel, a greater or lesser degree of saturation has naturally come about in most areas of endeavor, and it’s increasingly difficult to capture and retain audience interest and attention. Unless of course you’re already a household name. But even then…

So if you’re a coach or mentor looking for new audiences, to reach out to more people – and, let’s face it, who amongst us doesn’t? – then perhaps you might want to take notice of the elephant in the room… Connected Television, or CTV for short.

Some are already at the forefront of this move. For example, one of the best known spiritual gurus and mentors, star of “The Secret” and writer of countless well-known self-help books, Dr Joe Vitale, launched his Zero Limits Living TV channel at the beginning of the year. It’s going from strength to strength and, as we write, approaching its 50th weekly episode. Not a bad track record for an early adopter.

In spite of Dr Vitale’s success with the medium, CTV is still yet to catch on and become mainstream with more than a select few life coaches. However this is likely to change as the entry cost falls.

CTV has some major advantages compared with the more ‘traditional’ communication channels. Here are seven key benefits:

  • Huge and growing adoption rate of Smart TVs in the USA and Europe, with a rapidly-growing Asian audience.

  • The average North American adult is forecast to spend more time watching digital video than TV by 2024.

  • Television audiences (including CTV) are ‘captive’ and more loyal.

  • Unlike other streaming services, such as YouTube, viewers have no distractions and are not faced with simultaneously competing viewing choices.

  • No annoying and distracting adverts (unless you want them).

  • Ideal for family and shared viewing experiences.

  • Can seamlessly link to other online media.

    Perhaps Riviera Television’s Black Friday end-of-year sale will tempt a greater number of coaches and mentors to take the plunge and discover the benefits of having their own TV channel. There has never been a better time to get on board!

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