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Storytelling can take on many forms, some totally creative and artistic, others entirely commercial in intent. One thing they have in common is its ability to captivate and beguile an audience.

As a storyteller wanting to extend your audience reach, there is no more effective a channel than television.

Read on to learn how you – the storyteller or small storytelling team – can break into the amazing world of TV.

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A Creative Platform

Riviera Television harnesses the power of the latest connected television (CTV) technology by producing video and audio material developed and optimised for global streaming directly into the homes of highly targeted audiences.

But we realise that our current service for businesses might not be exactly what is needed by those involved in the creative arts. Perhaps you.

So we are developing a Creative Platform for use by storytelling professionals on a self-service DIY basis.  

The result… greater creative freedom and a huge cost saving.

Grow Your Audience

The Riviera Television Creative Platform is being designed specifically with you, the creative professional, in mind.

It will enable you to create your own CTV channels with your own branding and unique style, then upload your video material to be hosted on our streaming servers for broadcasting.

We will provide the technical support and help you get your new channel approved, helping you through the approval and regulatory process. After all, this is television broadcasting!

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So Many Storytelling Possibilities

The world of film and television opens up a world of opportunity for every type of narrative medium. It can even lead you to new ideas and creative realms that you have not yet considered.

For example, animation is no longer just the domain of Walt Disney. You too can convert your story into an animated form for wider appeal. And we can help you with this.

We Love Storytelling

Whatever your area of storytelling expertise, we are sure you will find an enthusiastic TV audience:

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