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QR codes are today an integral part of the marketing arsenal  and will play an increasingly important role in the future.

But we bet you never considered using them on TV!! That’s right… by including them in your broadcasts, QR codes are the perfect way of getting your viewers onto your online media.

Let’s take a look at how CTV broadcasters can use Riviera Television’s QR Code Magic…

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What Exactly is a QR Code?

To clarify, a QR Code (or Quick Response Code) is a two dimensional bar code facilitating easy access to many types of online information through use of the digital camera on a smartphone or tablet. It typically provides an immediate automated link to a web page, send an SMS message, or call a phone number.

On your CTV channel, QR codes can be integrated into the videos and viewers encouraged to scan them while viewing program content.

The Power to Convert

You can imagine how powerful the strategic use of QR codes can be, providing a simple bridge directly to your online media – seamlessly linking TV to web – such as your website , booking system, e-commerce store, social media, or signup form.

Now how powerful is that !!

There really is a no more effective way of first engaging your audience and then quickly directing them to take further action.


QR Sophistication

Riviera Television can create some very sophisticated QR codes, not just the plain black-and-white variety that are certainly familiar to you. Our QR codes can be in full colour and incorporate your designs and logos – fully branded to your business or artistic identity.

With a wide range of types to choose from – currently 14 and growing – and hundreds of different styles – you will certainly get noticed.

We can even create our QR codes to function in multiple languages. Now that really is magic !!

QR Code Benefits...

QR codes are here to stay, and they are the future of any business’s marketing. In fact, QR code scans quadrupled globally in 2022 with a 443% scan increase…  and that’s data gleaned only from users of the new “Dynamic QR Codes”. And the trend will continue to grow.

By the way, Dynamic QR Codes are the latest incarnation of the technology… enabling you to create a customized URL for your QR code that can be changed and updated whenever you want, even if the design is already in public use.

Dynamic QR Codes also provide statistics of how many people scanned your codes and on what date.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of using QR codes…

  1. Drive awareness and brand Engagement
  2. Provide seamless online/offline customer experience
  3. Create unique value exchanges
  4. Inform and educate audiences
  5. Boost sales, donations and registrations
  6. Drive footfall and audiences into stores, concerts, and events
  7. Social shareability
  8. Champion sustainability and green credentials
  9. Enhanced tracking metrics and attribution
  10. Collect GDPR-compliant first-party data



QR Code Option Pricing

Dynamic QR Code development and integration are an optional addition to your CTV channel.
Setup (1-off):170 195 195
Monthly maintenance: (from month 2) 27 32 32
* For customers based in the UK, VAT will be charged in addition to quoted prices. 

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