Panasonic TX43HX580B

Panasonic TX-43HX580B TV Review

The Panasonic TX-43HX580B is one of the smallest TVs in Panasonic’s range in terms of size but it has a lot to offer. It might not be the prettiest TV on the market but it’s a good example of function over fashion. Before we dive in, here are the TV’s main specs:

  • 4K HDR and HDR10 for light whites and dark blacks.
  • 1080p up conversion rates for smooth images.
  • CD Ripping for music archival as well as the ability to play music from other devices.
  • Dolby Vision to provide the best possible visual quality.
  • Essential apps such as YouTube, Netflix and more.
  • Freeview Play button for instantaneous access to shows you want to catch up on.

Here is the basic info:

  • Manufacturer: Panasonic
  • Model: TX-43HX580B
  • Year Released: 2020
  • Resolution: 4K
  • USB Ports: 2
  • HDMI Ports: 3
  • Bluetooth: N

Available Sizes: 43″, 50″, 55″

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To start with the most important thing, it has an amazing picture. The picture is sharp and able to render textures with good detail and distinguish subtle differences in colour, making for an immersive experience with live action movies. It also has a great showcase of colour, from dull greys to vibrant yellows. It can maintain the tone of a wide variety of movies through accurately representing different lit environments.

You can change your picture settings and make it pre-set to your liking, so it will automatically change the TV to look how you want. Even if the default picture doesn’t suit your liking by default, you can experiment and adjust it to suit. The only shortcoming is that it may not match other TVs with contrast and detail, but it’s still breathtaking for the cheaper cost.

The sound is fairly decent but it’s nothing groundbreaking. It’s capable of being loud if you want it to be and it can register enough noise so you can hear just about everything in movies, and voices are crisp so that they are all coherent even under loud background noises.

The TX-43HX580B is not going to offer spectacular bass, so if you want a TV with music in mind, this might not be the best option for you, unless you’re okay with buying a good quality external device. If it’s going to be your main TV you’ll most definitely want an external speaker as otherwise the sound will not stretch to your whole room and provide an immersive soundscape.

Let’s talk a little about the physical TV itself: it’s boring. It’s a black, thin rectangle made of shiny, flimsy plastic. It’s important to note that the panel is so shiny that it’s going to be reflective so we can’t recommend using it in dark rooms. The stand can be pretty wobbly at times but other than that, it’s a standard flat unexceptional stand that you won’t notice most of the time.

The remote is about as cookie-cutter as it gets, with all the standard buttons and shortcuts to Netflix and Freeview. The buttons are small so you might end up pressing the wrong ones if you have big fingers, which is especially annoying since the streaming apps are directly above the up key. Also the remote can sometimes be sluggish and take several seconds to respond.

On the topic of apps, to get one thing out of the way, there’s no Disney+ or Apple TV without a streaming stick… Other than that there’s still plenty of apps on offer, including Netflix, Amazon Prime video, BritBox and YouTube, there’s an app store too but there’s nothing groundbreaking on there.

The UI has a really interesting feature in the form of a mouse pointer from the remote control, it makes selecting options incredibly easy and faster than using the standard buttons.

The picture for video games isn’t bad, granted the TV doesn’t have the power to utilise the full potential of games consoles, but it’s not an absolute toaster of a TV when it comes to games. It comes with an above-average latency of 17ms. An issue regarding the display in general is that the picture adjustment menu takes up most of the screen, so make sure to adjust your display before you hop into your online multiplayer games!

Overall, it’s a perfectly fine TV if you’re not interested in Disney+, Apple TV or Now and also don’t mind the bland look. It sits at a low price for a Smart TV; or if this is a bit too small for your liking you could instead get a 50” for a more cinematic experience. We recommend the 43” as more of a personal TV than one for family and guests.

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Author: Jason MacMillan

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