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Wanting to work in television and film media

As a coach or mentor you will certainly know the importance of good communication with your clients and clients-to-be. 

You are probably already running social media campaigns and e-mail lists, and you might even have a loyal following on video sharing sites.

But after all this effort, the reality is that you’re probably still only reaching out to a small proportion of your potential audience.

Well, we can assure you of one thing: even larger audiences await, if only you could access them. 

Read on to learn how you can break into television…


The Amazing World of CTV

Connected television (CTV) is the answer and I encourage you to read elsewhere on this site to learn more about it and discover how smart TVs and OTT broadcasting is taking the home entertainment and education industries by storm, particularly in the past two years.

Just look at the phenomenal growth of Netflix and similar services to see how VOD has revolutionised the way people absorb information.

And it’s becoming a global phenomenon.

Grow Your Audience

Being a part of this CTV phenomenon means that you are tapping into today’s connected world and the renaissance of the family unit.

No longer are people restricted to participating in isolation, as they would in front of their PC, laptop or mobile phone.

Your potential audience is now expanding and multiplying, bringing with it the opportunity for you to reach out in entirely new ways. Ways more appropriate for the shared experience.

And if the huge uptake of social media isn’t enough to demonstrate this, CTV viewing statistics actually confirm it. And it is the same the world over.

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Endless Possibilities

Fortunately for you, the mentor and coaching professions are possibly some of the best positioned to take advantage of this CTV phenomenon.

With the usual online media, viewers are easily distracted, jumping from one thing to another. This is particularly true of social media and  video sharing apps, where intrusive advertising and competing content have reached epidemic proportions.

But with television it’s different. Audiences are loyal and more engrossed – captive – keen to follow your programming and eagerly awaiting the next episode.

Plus – and it’s a big plus – the technology behind CTV means that you can readily link it to your other communication channels and monitor the results. That’s something traditional ‘linear’ TV could never do.

Global Reach

My name’s Tony Wood, the founder and CEO of Riviera Television. That’s me in the picture’s alongside in the south of France, birthplace of our company.

With CTV, television programming has become more global and, at the same time, more targeted, enabling you to focus either broadly, or tap into specific niches to suit your objectives. It’s like TV and social media together on steroids!

CTV is great for broadcasting seminar, conference and webinar recordings, while remaining ideal for more intimate discussions and lessons. And It’s particularly useful for anything with an international flavor.

So if you’re keen to learn more about how CTV might help you in your mission, please do get in touch, and we can have a friendly pressure-free chat where we can talk through available options and solutions.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for reading!

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