LG 55UP75006LF

LG 55UP75006LF TV Review

The LG 55UP75006LF is a cheaper option for Smart TVs but the question is, how much does it slack behind a more expensive model? Firstly, to list some of the TV’s unique features, it boasts:

  • Manufacturer: LG
  • Model: 55UP75006LF
  • Year Released: 2021
  • Screen Size: 55 Inch
  • Resolution: 4K UHD HDR
  • USB ports: 1
  • HDMI ports: 2
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Dazzling 4K Ultra HD viewing with vibrant picture quality
  • Absorbing and atmospheric sound quality with AI Sound
  • WebOS smart platform with Freeview Play, Netflix, Disney+ and more
  • Instant movie theatre with FILMMAKER mode and HDR
  • Google Assistant and Alexa compatible
  • Included components: Standard Remote
  • Power source type: Corded Electric
  • Surround sound channel configuration: 2.0 ch

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The model is definitely on the thicker side as far as SmartTVs go, but it is not only sturdy as a result but it also has more room for speakers to provide better audio quality and an internal backlight. The TV is easy to set up with two feet to stand on and many different cable ports such as 2 HDMI, 1 USB,  CI Slot, SPDIF and Bluetooth. 

The back of the LG 55UP75006LF comes equipped with 4 screws that you can use to mount it on your wall so you can easily integrate it into any room without concern for layout. 

As is standard for TVs, it comes with a remote control, but what’s interesting about this remote is that you can map the number keys to be shortcuts to your favourite apps for rapid access. Also there are 4 buttons that give immediate access to Prime Video, Disney +, Netflix and Rakuten TV. 

One problem some people may have with the remote is that the buttons are spaced close together, so you might have trouble navigating the remote without looking at it. If you can’t use the remote you can press buttons at the bottom of the TV instead. 

It boasts a WebOS system with an easy to navigate UI and store full of apps. From games to streaming platforms to media players, the app store has it all. YouTube is perfectly functional with all the video settings readily available just like the browser and app version. The app icons can be rearranged according to preference. The available apps are perfectly functional, being very responsive and without stutter. 

The LG 55UP75006LF has pretty good picture quality with vibrant and well-saturated colours, although unfortunately it does not have advanced dimming features, meaning black looks average in dark rooms. Although the picture is good overall in light conditions, the contrast quality suffers in comparison to Samsung TVs when viewing in dark rooms.

It does offer quite the treat for movie fans with its filmmaker mode which turns off picture processing features while preserving the original aspect ratios, colours and frame rates to help preserve the directors original vision. This is completely optional meaning it can be turned off for watching sports or other shows that don’t benefit from the feature. 

It does however fall behind in terms of gamut coverage, meaning it can’t show deeper colours in HDR content. The picture sharpness does begin to show a loss of detail when in motion but it is excellent when showing static images. The TV is able to support all modern gaming consoles and can display full colour when run in PC mode. 

The LG 55UP75006LF has solid built in speakers with mid-range sound and noticeable bass. It also comes with alternate settings for the sound with modes designed for game optimisation, music and sports. Assuming you don’t want to buy a speaker for your TV, this is a solid option if you’re interested in a TV with immersive sound design. 

Although the TV does slack behind a lot of the more expensive Smart TVs in terms of picture quality, the picture is still not bad by any means and the lower quality is only noticeable in comparison to competing TVs. LG 55UP75006LF is best used for people who have no interest in using it in the dark, and for those who want a more budget option that is still able to keep up with competition quality-wise. 

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Author: Jason MacMillan

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