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Visit the idyllic Balearic island of Mallorca, Spain – jewel of the Mediterranean – the perfect travel and holiday destination to get away from it all, with many sandy beaches, nature conservation areas, sports, mountains, and lots of history to discover. Mallorca has it all!

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Voyage with us as we travel to the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain, the perfect holiday destination with its many white sandy beaches, natural conservation areas, outdoor sports, friendly mountains, and lots of history to discover.

As one of the Spanish Balearic Islands, Mallorca is known as the jewel of the Mediterranean. It is by far the largest of the three main islands – the others being Menorca and Ibiza, each with their own unique charm and cultures, and all noted for their year-round sunshine.

In this tv video series we look at the many aspects of Mallorca – as a centre of Mediterranean yachting and sub-aqua, its rich history, diverse wildlife and flora, and some of the most enchanting bays, coves and sandy beaches in Europe. It is also an important natural conservation and ecology area.

Many famous people have lived and worked in Mallorca over the centuries. Some of the best known are Ramon Lull the philosopher, and writers Robert Graves and Jorge Luis Borges. Another famous resident was classical composer Frederic Chopin, who wrote many of his most famous piano works while living there with his famous novelist companion Georges Sand in the 18th century. Their journey and sojourn was documented in her book ‘A Winter in Mallorca’.

The island is famous for being the birth place of tennis star Rafael Nadal.

Note that the island’s name has two spellings: Mallorca (in Spanish) and Majorca (its anglicised version). But it’s exactly the same place.