LG QNED916PA TV Review

The LG QNED91 series marks the dawn of a new era of innovative LED TVs. The QNED gets its name from the Quantum Dot Nano Cell technology which is what gives it its beautifully accurate colours as well as mini LED backlight which should give you high hopes picture quality-wise. This is another expensive one, […]

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LG 55UP75006LF

LG 55UP75006LF TV Review

The LG 55UP75006LF is a cheaper option for Smart TVs but the question is, how much does it slack behind a more expensive model? Firstly, to list some of the TV’s unique features, it boasts: Manufacturer: LG Model: 55UP75006LF Year Released: 2021 Screen Size: 55 Inch Resolution: 4K UHD HDR USB ports: 1 HDMI ports: […]

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