Philips PUS8556 TV

Philips PUS8556 TV Review

The Philips PUS8556 (also known as ‘The One’) was released in 2021, alongside the Philips MiniLED TV which is much more expensive. While the latter is undeniably fantastic, the PUS8556 is known as The One because it apparently is “The One that has everything”. While it may be on the cheaper side, this TV does […]

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LG QNED916PA TV Review

The LG QNED91 series marks the dawn of a new era of innovative LED TVs. The QNED gets its name from the Quantum Dot Nano Cell technology which is what gives it its beautifully accurate colours as well as mini LED backlight which should give you high hopes picture quality-wise. This is another expensive one, […]

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Philips 75PML950

Philips 75PML9506 TV Review

The Philips Mini LED TV (75PML9506) is among the more extravagant TVs available today. But is it worth the money? How does it blow the cheaper TVs out of the water in terms of performance? Worry not, today we will answer that. To start with, here’s the basic info: Manufacturer: Philips Model: 75PML9506 Year Released: […]

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Panasonic TX43HX580B

Panasonic TX-43HX580B TV Review

The Panasonic TX-43HX580B is one of the smallest TVs in Panasonic’s range in terms of size but it has a lot to offer. It might not be the prettiest TV on the market but it’s a good example of function over fashion. Before we dive in, here are the TV’s main specs: 4K HDR and […]

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Samsung Serif QE65LS01TA

Samsung Serif QE65LS01TA TV Review

The Samsung Serif QE65LS01TA is very much a one-of-a-kind design as far as TVs go. It has a bizarre design that almost looks like a chalkboard with its huge metal legs. The main features it boasts are: 8 million pixel display  Advanced HDR technology to adjust the picture with each frame Plenty of movies and […]

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Samsung LS32AM700URXXU Smart Monitor

Samsung LS32AM700URXXU Smart Monitor Review

The Samsung M7 Smart Monitor (Or the LS32AM700URXXU Smart Monitor to be specific) is not just the sharpest monitor in Samsung’s arsenal, but it is also able to double as a TV. But with the monitor being marketed as something that can suit a wide variety of purposes, how well does it perform in several […]

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Samsung AU7100

Samsung AU7100 TV Review

The Samsung AU7100 is a TV that has solidified itself as one of the best TVs under £500. With its modest pricing, it’s clear that this isn’t going to impress anyone who’s huge on performance, but what can it do? Here are the fancy specs it boasts. Crystal clear colour display 4K Processing and Adaptive […]

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TCL 55P617

TCL 55P617K TV Review

TCL are a fairly obscure TV manufacturer but is their obscurity deserved? Or are their TVs severely underrated? Today we will be looking at one example in the form of the TCL 55P617K. Here is the key info. Manufacturer: TCL Model: 55P617K Year Released: 2021 Screen Size: 55 Inch Resolution: 4K USB Ports: 1 HDMI […]

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Samsung UE43RU7020KXXU.

Samsung UE43RU7020KXXU TV Review

A Smart TV that is affordable but also doesn’t provide a miserable experience sounds almost too good to be true. The Samsung UE43RU7020KXXU is one of the cheapest Smart TVs on the market. Here is the key info: Manufacturer: Samsung Model: UE43RU7020KXXU Year released: 2019 Screen Size: 43 inches Resolution: 4K USB Ports: 2 HDMI […]

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LG 55UP75006LF

LG 55UP75006LF TV Review

The LG 55UP75006LF is a cheaper option for Smart TVs but the question is, how much does it slack behind a more expensive model? Firstly, to list some of the TV’s unique features, it boasts: Manufacturer: LG Model: 55UP75006LF Year Released: 2021 Screen Size: 55 Inch Resolution: 4K UHD HDR USB ports: 1 HDMI ports: […]

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