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What is Connected TV?

Connected Television (CTV) is the term for any type of TV that is capable of streaming digital video. It might be a Smart TV or have an externally-connected device to enable streaming of video content onto a tv screen.

Some of the various types of CTV include smart televisions, gaming consoles (such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X), Amazon Fire Stick/Amazon TV, Apple TV, Roku, or any one of several up-coming devices.

The uptick in popularity of CTV and OTT (Over-the-Top) has caused many consumers to ‘cut their cords’ - a rising pattern of customers withdrawing their traditional TV payments in favour of only using these streaming or on-demand platforms.

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Differences Between CTV and OTT

OTT refers to any video content that is streamed by users directly from the internet. These services can be streamed to devices such as PCs and mobiles as well as TVs. Streaming platforms include services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Britbox, Disney+ and countless others.

CTV, however, represents a branch of OTT, specifically smart televisions with the capability of connecting to the internet. CTVs are the intermediaries of Over-The-Top services.

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CTV Advertising

CTV can assist your business reach the ever-growing audiences that are turning away from traditional terrestrial television, or indeed no longer watch traditional TV at all.

For advertisers, where viable, it is a good idea to combine advertising purchases across both traditional and CTV platforms, with the knowledge that CTV advertising provides sharper measurement and improved control over the audience of ads and how often they are seen.

Why Advertise Through Connected TV Rather Than Linear TV?

CTV has a high adoption rate

More than 85% of consumers have access to a Connected TV device. The majority of people switching to this style of television can be credited to the flexibility that it provides viewers. Streamed content is very cheap when compared to traditional satellite and cable television. It has a higher appeal to consumers because it allows them to watch on demand. Due to this, the already quickly increasing adoption rate of CTV is expected to continue rising.

CTV offers precision ad targeting

Some of the advertising demographics and parameters that CTV offers can be extremely accurate and detailed, such as age, income, gender, shopping intent, past purchasers, and website home page visitors. This variety of parameters means that advertisers who use them benefit far greater than those advertising on linear TV. Linear TV advertising casts a wide net and only targets the audiences of certain channels or programmes. Also, CTV ads employ streaming data, which means collected user data can be analysed to provide insights across other platforms too.

CTV advertising is cost-effective

Linear TV ads traditionally cost a LOT of money. This obviously varies depending on what the ad is being shown against. For example, one thirty second ad in this year’s Super Bowl in the US cost an average of 6.5 million US dollars, whereas an ad on a small local TV station in the UK might only cost between £150 to £300. CTV ads offer a much lower cost of entry compared to linear TV. This means that Riviera Television – your strategic partner – can deliver incredible value as a streaming service provider.

CTV advertising is more cost-effective because it provides access to the internet, accurate targeting, and precise inventory selection. Buyers can deliver ads to hard-to-reach and highly specific audiences, which will improve audience quality. This increases ad relevance to match consumer preferences and helps connect campaigns to other online and offline behaviours.

Improved optimisation and analytics

As well as more accurate ad targeting, CTV also allows for extremely accurate measurement and analysis of collected user data. The user data extracted from CTV advertising is far more detailed than the kind of data that can be obtained from traditional linear TV advertising.

Connected TV is Global

In the USA alone, 72% of the entire adult population in 2020 were regular CTV viewers, a number that is growing rapidly. And some other countries show a similar level of uptake.


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Frequently Asked

No, not at all. All you need is standard HD format video with good sound quality. We can provide any necessary editing.

About 15-30 minutes per video is ideal , but durations from 5-58 minutes can be accommodated.

Only if you want them to. And you can display your own adverts too. Advert creation and display is an optional extra service.

Roku streaming devices are used by millions of consumers in North America, Latin America and in parts of Europe including the UK, Ireland, and France. Special international services are also available if you have multi-lingual content. Amazon Fire TV is currently available in over 50 countries including the USA, UK, most of Europe, and some countries in Asia and South America. The countries served by all services are constantly increasing in number.

There is no practical upper limit, but we recommend starting with just 5-10 so as to get quicker channel approval by the networks, which review all channel content for legal compliance.

Firstly by viewers searching for content on the networks that matches the topic you broadcast. Also through your own promotion activities online and offline. As an optional extra service, we can also promote your channel for you.

Growing Rapidly Worldwide

CTV and OTT is set to replace most terrestrial TV viewing in many countries.